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Fringe Review: Club Briefs

Prepare yourselves. Club Briefs is back and MUCH briefer than ever before!

Presented by Briefs Factory
Reviewed 3 March 2017

Prepare yourselves. Club Briefs is back and MUCH briefer than ever before!

If you offend easily, aren’t fond of profanity, nudity, overt crude behaviour or men in heels, then sorry kids, this show isn’t for you. BUT if you can get around all of the above then buckle up b*tches, you’re about to have the time of your life!

The Briefs madness began nine years ago when a politician claimed that Brisbane was the ‘cultural black hole of Australia.’ From this offhand nonsense, birthed Club Briefs. What his comments sparked was a celebration of beauty, talent, madness and pure idiocy. Nine years later and this celebration is only getting better.

As a semi-seasoned ‘Briefs’ goer I truly expected to be thoroughly entertained by the show, but (dare I say it) that nothing would surprise me. Act one, song one… and oh, how wrong I was.

Though I noted many familiar faces on the stage, there were plenty of newbies to add to the already stellar cast; including a token really life woman! Excellent move!

We were honoured to be hosted by the outrageous (on the fronts presence, profanity and glamour) Fez Faanana once again, acting as the sexy, nasty glue that sticks the entire show together. And trust us, it’s sticky!

Without wanting to give too much away, a brief summation of Briefs, is that it’s an incredible showcase of breathtaking circus, drag genius, moving cabaret (featuring the Las Vegas crowned King of Cabaret) and sheer debauchery.

We sat on the edges of our chairs in shock, we gasped in amazement, we cried tears of laughter, we lost our voices screaming and we danced our little hearts out.

Briefs is the drag party you always wished you’d be invited to, that leaves you feeling shocked and strangely aroused. Take your girlfriends for the night of your Fringe. A word of advice though: don’t take your straight boyfriend along in promise of a burlesque show, as the woman seated behind us had chosen to do. It’s BOYlesque honey. Needless to say he didn’t quite get what he was coming for.

Reviewed by Hannah Pendlebury
Twitter: @thependleblog

Rating out of 5: Six

Venue:  Menagerie at Royal Croquet Club
Season:  Until March 5th
Duration:  1 hour
Tickets:  $30


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