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Fringe Review: Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Absolute Chaos!


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Reviewed 26 February 2022

It’s a science that boggles the mind… if you’re in the audience that is, but if you’re one of the lucky chosen to go on stage and take a starring role in this Fringe season’s Absolute Chaos show, your mindset may be less boggled and more scrambled.

Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale leads a comedy hour that features guitar players that could rival Sting, runway models that could rival Linda Evangelista, and Penguins that could rival Pingu. You’ll see more drum, guitar and trombone players on Matt’s stage than at an ASO concert – with a saxophonist who is so talented they blow into the instrument flawlessly through their face mask!

Unlike the saxophonist though, it’s unfortunate some of the participants’ rants and one-liner zingers are lost in translation behind their face masks resounding in mumblings over the microphone leaving the audience straining to hear over the ongoing background music throughout the show. Fortunately, there’s enough slapstick to keep us laughing AT the participants – not with them – but it’s ok in this instance because they’ll never remember! 

Matt keeps his audience engaged and constantly connected to the action on stage, captivating us all in our seats with audience participation galore. From the get-go Matt opens the invitation for anyone willing to participate onstage, and it’s clear the majority in the room want to experience Matt’s hypnosis as the human stampede resembles that of a Boxing Day sale opening at David Jones.

What’s funnier than watching complete strangers act out ridiculously juvenile & jovial scenarios? Watching your friends do it! So, bring a group of mates with you and get one of them up onstage (preferably the one who is notorious for those signature bad dance moves at every Wedding Reception) – just so you can capture footage on your camera phone to haunt them with it for the rest of their life!

Bring the children also – there’s an appearance by Bluey. Stick around till the end of the show because after an hour of laughter Matt also generously gifts some freebies and perks to his audience. 

Reviewed by Filip Odzak

Twitter: @Filip_WithAnF

Venue:  The Peacock & The Flamingo, at Gluttony

Season: Until 20 March 2022
Duration: 60 Minutes
Tickets: $20 – $40


Rating out of 5: 4 Stars

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