Fringe Review: Comfort Food Cabaret


Presented by Michelle Pearson
Reviewed 16 March 2017

Comfort Food Cabaret is a unique blend of live music and home cooking where the audience gets treated to three tasting courses and in which Adelaide artist Michelle Pearson has her cake and eats it too by combining her two greatest passions; music and food.

On entering the Central Market Kitchen audience members immediately relax into the intimate and warm setting, cabaret lighting combined with tantalizing cooking smells, beautiful wines on offer and relaxed chatter, much like being welcomed at a dinner party with good friends.

Throughout the performance Michelle recounts through storytelling and song how food has influenced her life, her friendships, her family and her relationships. For a girl who was brought up on Kantong and Fritz on toast, Pearson’s tastes have certainly developed.

At first the audience start out tentative as they curiously delve into their entree of grilled halloumi and peach salad. Pearson cleverly allows adequate eating and talking space while food is served and by main course the audience are happily chattering and munching through their Trivelle with smoked pancetta, chili and tomato sauce. By dessert time they are literally calling out with excitement and fighting for the opportunity to volunteer as a kitchen hand, as Pearson prepares the Sticky Date Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce.

The food features local produce including jars of traditional Italian tomato sauce smuggled from an audience member Antoinetta’s Nonna’s shed, cheeses from La Vera Fine Cheeses, pasta from San Remo and various goods from Mercato.

The food is really good but the real star of the show is Pearson’s strikingly beautiful voice, which soulfully fills the Central Market Kitchen and is expertly mixed by Matt Zipeto. Pearson is ably supported by other foodies; Sous Chef Lauren Quinn, Aaron Nash on keys and Michael Ciaramella on bass ensuring that regardless of if you came for the good food or the good music, you will go home feeling completely sated.

Reviewed by Ceri Hutton
Twitter: @Ceri_Hutton

Rating out of 5:  4.5

Venue:  The Central Market Kitchen
Season:  Until 18th March
Duration:  90mins
Tickets:  $26-45


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