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Fringe Review: Dance With Me Fridays

Learn the basics of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rumba then join regular staff and students for a dance party!


Presented by QuickSteps Dance Club Studio
Reviewed 21 February 2020

Slow slow quick! Slow slow quick!

So began the rumba lesson under the deft guidance of instructor Winston, one of several dance teachers at the QuickSteps Dance Studio. His instructions were simplicity itself, making total beginners comfortable and smiling very quickly.

The Dance With Me Fridays event teaches participants to dance the rumba and some rock n’ roll, keeping it basic and teaching it slowly before regular students of the studio are invited to come along and join the second half of this 90-minute session for a dance party.

Partner swapping has never been so innocent with ample dance assistants on hand to provide some individual attention during the lessons and then get singles up dancing during the after-party. A complementary drink from the licenced bar is included in the ticket.

The staff are all cultishly friendly and there’s a real sense of fun about the night. There’s no judgement and it was great to hear fellow participants complimenting and encouraging each other during those awkward moments of learning a new step. It was particularly pleasing too, to hear Winston proving instructions for the ‘leaders’ and ‘followers’ rather than ‘men’ and ‘women’, despite no same-sex couples being present. It’s precisely that kind of inclusiveness that needs to be seen more often. Bravo!

Dance With Me Fridays is only on once more during the Adelaide Fringe – 6 March. With the complementary drink thrown in, the ticket price is a steal so don’t be slow slow, be quick!

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
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Venue:  QuickSteps Dance Studio, 255 Gouger Street, Adelaide
Season:  21 February and 6 March 2020
Duration:  90 minutes
Tickets:  $16

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