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Fringe Review: Dave Hughes – Fully Furnished

True to his craft, he continues to amuse and delight

True to his craft, he continues to amuse and delight

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Reviewed: 17 February, 2024

Masked Singer judge and 2DayFM co-host Dave Hughes aka Hughesy delivered a hilarious performance. with material definitely suited for mature audiences. 

It started a little late and was tightly packed in the venue, however the atmosphere was not uncomfortable as the air conditioning was adequate despite the warm conditions outside. Upon entering Hughes acknowledged the lateness and apologised to the crowd.

His style is characteristically Australian. As he regales to us the everyday events he encounters, and his external or internal responses to them, he is laid-back, unfiltered and recalcitrant. While he tends to swear frequently, his humour is not crude, and he has a knack for making situations funny in a succinct way.

Topics covered revolve around his personal life, his wife, his children, and his latest encounters. Most of the tales are situations that have occurred in the last few months or are in relation to current events. Of course, he couldn’t resist discussing Taylor Swift’s Australia tour. His topic content resonates with many, in particular those who can relate to life stages such as marriage, parenthood, or even recovering from an injury like a dislocated shoulder.

There are no props as they are not needed, and the audio is at the right volume. He speaks confidently, audibly and clearly. There are a few stage lights, and they are dimmed as he takes the stage.

This is one comedian with an incredibly long history of performing and his skill is evident. It is amazing that he continues to deliver hilarity in a fresh and current way. Incredibly witty in telling a tale with few words, with the right balance of audience participation, the hour-long performance goes very quickly. 

*Please note: This show is held in two different venues, and the review is based on the performance held in The Box.

Reviewed by Rebecca Wu

Photo credit: supplied

Venue: The Box (or Roundhouse) at The Garden of Unearthly Delights
Season: Saturday, 17th February – Saturday, 24th February, 2024
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: $39 to $49

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