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Fringe Review: Doctor Trek in Space

Indulge your inner science-fiction aficionado with this voyage through time and space.

Presented by DamnitLeanne!
Reviewed 1 March 2018

In the bowels of Gluttony local creative hooligans DamnitLeanne! present their new improv show, Doctor Trek in Space.

Doctor Trek in Space is an amalgamation of three beloved science-fiction shows and stars Josh Rice as Lost in Space’s Dr Smith, Amy Sincock as Doctor Who’s The Doctor, and Aaron Finan as Star Trek’s Captain Kirk. Fans of the original shows will enjoy their characterisations, complete with well-timed references and exaggerated mannerisms. Honourable mention also goes to Sophie Addison as the Robot and a particularly nervous Roy Phung as the Alien.

During one the few scripted sections of the show, these iconic characters are marooned on an alien planet together. It is up to their imaginations, together with suggestions from the audience written on note-cards, to discover the mysteries of the planet and escape to safety. Thanks to improvisation, each night will see the characters visit a new planet.

Many of the pop culture jokes and improv hijinks of the cast are spot on, though at times they falter or struggle to continue the story. This may be due to opening night jitters, or the rather subdued audience on Thursday night – which, in improv, often results in a slower show.

Doctor Trek in Space combines local comedy with the guilty pleasure of retro science-fiction. Indulge in a little trip back to the 1960s, where television was melodramatic and the future was within our grasp.

Reviewed by Nicola Woolford

Rating (out of 5): 3

 Venue: The Bally, Gluttony
Season: 1st – 3rd March 2018
Duration: 55 mins
Tickets: $15.75 – $20.00


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