Fringe Review: Elevate! The Musical

Fringe Review: Elevate! The Musical

Four self-involved millennials are unpleasantly surprised with their company when their elevator comes to a standstill.


Presented by The Dizzy Biz
Reviewed 14 March 2018

Four millennials deeply involved in their own life-altering crises are rudely snapped back to reality when their elevator comes to a hasty halt. Meg is hung-over and bolting from an unsuccessful one-night stand. Louis is sweating because he’s desperate to tell the woman he loves how he really feels. Claire is neurotic because she’s late for her job and possible promotion. Jason is panicking as he’s on his way to save his brother. And all together, they’re the perfect recipe for disaster.

Elevate! The Musical is just about as ‘Fringe’ as it gets – in the best way possible. Written and produced by the stars of the show, it’s quirky, painfully relatable and utterly hilarious. All equipped with incredible voices as well as acting skills, the performers have no problem belting out excellently written and catchy songs – accompanied by a pianist – that will be stuck in my head for days at the least.

With a small stage and very few props, the unbelievably talented performers do a great job to keep the audience entertained right through till the end. Really, it’s hard not to be when all the characters are so well crafted and likeable. Without fail, the drama will have you engrossed and the crude humour will have you laughing out loud.

So what will happen when they find out what’s really leaking out of Jason’s backpack? What will go down when Claire questions Meg on her lifestyle choices? How will Claire feel when Louis’ secret is out of the bag? All eventually entwined in each other’s messes, the lot sing and dance their way through the ups and downs; and then mutually agree to see therapists immediately.

If you’re after an awesome fringe show that ticks all the boxes, then hands down, this one’s for you. Stuck in an elevator with four self-involved young people? You really can’t go wrong… right?

Reviewed by Ellie Robinson

Rating out of 5: 5

Venue:  Tuxedo Cat at Broadcast Bar
Season:  14th – 17th March
Duration: 55 mins
Tickets:  $15 – $20

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