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Fringe Review: Elixir

Winner of the Best Circus Adelaide Fringe 2018 award, Elixir is a unique display of prowess, wit, and humour

Without a doubt the most entertaining circus performance I have seen in a long time (maybe ever!)

Presented by Head First Acrobats
Reviewed 19th February 2021

Winner of the Best Circus Adelaide Fringe 2018 award, Elixir is a unique display of prowess, wit, and humour. There is no doubt as to why their shows have sold out worldwide.

Set in a science lab, the Head First Acrobats’ energy create the atmosphere upon entry with the shooting of a zombie. On the evening I attended, the three acrobats performing were Cal Harris, Thomas Gorham and Harley Timmermans (there are five Head First acrobats in total).

This is a show for anyone who appreciates the fortitude of the male body; it is also a show for anyone wanting something more than stunts. I have never laughed or been entertained so much at an acrobatic performance before, with the comraderie of the team obvious as each member plays off their counterpart to be the ultimate alpha male. There is also good use of the audience without being put on stage, so you are engaged fairly quickly.

As the three performers try and outdo each other, not only do you find yourself incredibly amused, you are delighted knowing the next feat will be even more daring. In addition to the team constantly ribbing each other, the overseer of the lab (the invisible female boss who directs these scientists in the lab via speaker) also gets involved.

The set design is simple and the costumes are low key; in any case there is no need for glitz and glamour as they are an incredibly talented troupe. Elixir also doesn’t have the strong or continual change in lighting that some shows exhibit which can at times be distracting. Furthermore, as I am someone who strongly appreciates the syncing of music to a feat, the entire auditory experience is catered for; their show even includes a bit of beatboxing!!

If the pandemic year wasn’t good for you and you are restricting yourself to only one acrobatic show this year, then this is the one to see.

Reviewed by Rebecca Wu

Venue:  Wonderland Spiegeltent Festival Hub
Season:  Fri 19th Feb – Sun 7th March 2021
Duration:  60 mins
Tickets:  $34-39.00

Rating out of 5: 5




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