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Fringe Review: Escape Room: Great White Killer

Can you escape a shark cage and discover the fate of a missing dive crew, all within an hour?


Presented by Adelaide Escape Hunt
Reviewed 18 February 2020

Adelaide is fortunate to have two outfits that provide Escape Room adventures all year round. I believe most rooms have an approximate lifespan of two or three years, with the rooms changing on a rotating basis at each venue.

Adelaide Escape Hunt’s latest addition is a sea-faring adventure called Great White Killer. The game pits participants against the clock, giving just one hour to find your way out of a shark cage and discover the fate of a missing dive crew. Like all Escape Rooms, a minimum of two people are needed to solve the series of puzzles that will lead you to a conclusion. The rooms hold a maximum of six players but that’s far too many for the small space, with a maximum of four being more than enough.

Great White Killer is rated Medium-to-Hard but in this instance, the organisers have under-estimated our lack of ability. Hard-to-Impossible would be a more appropriate rating for this seasoned Escape Roomist and his regular companion, particularly given that this game has a success rate of less than 20%. The puzzles are complex and, unless you know something about fishing, there is at least one puzzle that may grind the game to a halt without a hint or two. Even so, this high-pressured game is a lot of fun and it offers a great sense of achievement (and relief) as each puzzle is solved. Teamwork and good communication is the key to success… or near-success but not quite, damn it!

The friendly staff at Adelaide Escape Hunt are always on hand to help with a hint, and they are possibly the most affable Escape Room staff this season. The warm welcome, game instructions and after-game ego boost (even for those who fail to escape) are all part of service.

Great White Killer is, without doubt, the hardest Escape Room I’ve attempted out of more than half a dozen so far. For beginners, it’s not a good choice, but for those with some experience, it’s a great challenge to bring you down a notch or two and stop you from being complacent.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
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Venue:  Adelaide Escape Hunt: Escape Rooms & Bar, 3/133, Rundle Mall, Adelaide (enter from Twin Street)
Season:  18 February -13 March 2020 (Tuesdays – Fridays only)
Duration:  75 minutes
Tickets:  $32

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