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Fringe Review: Escape Room: The Deadly Discovery

Adelaide Escape Hunt: Deadly Discovery

A scientist has been kidnapped. You have 1 hour to find a deadly toxin and save the world before the kidnappers arrive to steal the vial.

You have 1 hour to find a deadly toxin and save the world!

Reviewed at Adelaide Escape Hunt on 19 February 2019

Presented by Adelaide Escape Hunt

Adelaide Escape Hunt is one of two escape room outfits along Rundle Mall, both offering three themed rooms for participants to stretch their mind and race the clock.

The Deadly Discovery breaks free from the usual ‘escape’ theme of these rooms to challenge participants to find and destroy a deadly bacteria before it falls into the wrong hands. To do so, there are a series of puzzles and challenges to overcome, each leading to the next. Only by solving all of them can the fatal vial be destroyed, but beware the red herrings. You have just one hour until the fiends who kidnapped the scientist will arrive to steal the vial.

The Deadly Discovery is rightly rated medium-to-hard by Adelaide Escape Hunt. Across three locked rooms, up to six participants have to work together to solve quite baffling clues that will unlock doors and boxes, reveal further clues, uncover hidden keys, and generally tax the brain with mysterious scribblings left behind by the scientist whose domain you’ve entered.

The game is a lot of fun, and the staff are there to nudge you along if you get too stuck. It’s a bonding experience for friends and strangers alike, with two to four people being an ideal size to work together on each challenge. The Room can take up to five people, but is likely to get too crowded with that many.

The Deadly Discovery puts everyone in the same confused boat, creating lots of laughter, glee and despair. If you’ve not attempted an escape room before, this one may be a bit too challenging but with three adventures on offer at the Adelaide Escape Hunt, at least one of the others is sure to provide you with a highly interactive hour of fun.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Venue:  Adelaide Escape Hunt, Level 3, 133 Rundle Mall, Adelaide
Season:  until 15 March 2017
Duration:  75 minutes
Tickets:  $30

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