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Fringe Review: Fashion 4 Passion

A colourful, energetic show that is a lot of fun.

Presented by: Art For Earthlings
Reviewed: 16 February, 2023

A clothes rack adorns the stage, packed with colourful and unique outfits. By contrast, the actors are clad all in black, complete with berets, a blank canvas ready to be bedazzled. The show consists of a series of vignettes themed around fashion, particularly fast fashion, with each introduced by the artificial voice familiar to those of us who spend hours scrolling Facebook reels. Sam and Jen jump from one vignette to the next, parodying fashion tropes such as the 90s outfit montage, TikTok influencers, and saving the world with inspirational T-shirts.

Sam and Jen are energetic, funny, and worth smoothly together. The show is a laugh a minute, from cringy pop culture references, to fashion-themed song parodies, to slapstick antics.

One thing the show seemed to struggle with was continuity. A few of the segments seemed only loosely thematically connected to fashion, with some of the jokes seeming to have little purpose in the theme of the show. Late in the show it becomes clear that the ‘villain’ of this show is fast fashion, with its unethical practices and treatment of workers, and everything ends up tying together in a plea for ethical shopping choices, particularly choosing pre-loved clothing. A more continuous storyline, or earlier references to the evils of fast fashion, might have helped to better tie in some of these vignettes.

However, this colourful, energetic show was a lot of fun, and will hopefully help shift the trend away from fast fashion and the evil SHEIN monster.

Reviewed by Kristin Stefanoff

Venue: The Yurt – Migration Museum
Season: 16 Feb – 5 March
Duration: 50min
Tickets: $20.25 – $27

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