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Fringe Review: Flight

A sensory experience in the dark when disaster strikes mid-flight.


Presented by Realscape Productions in association with DARKFIELD
Reviewed 21 February 2020

Realscape Productions in association with Darkfield are now offering three sensory experiences at the Adelaide Fringe. It began a couple of years ago with the wonderfully freaky Séance that has thankfully returned each year since.

Flight isn’t quite as successful an experience but is still a quirky nightmare and a technical marvel. In a pitch-black shipping container, the passengers of this flight experience realistic surround sound and vibrating seats as the plane takes off and the flight turns into a nightmare. Don’t just expect a mid-flight disaster though. There’s a lot of bad or annoying things that can happen on an aeroplane.

The technical genius of these sensory experiences lies in subtly more than the big shocks and thrills – that little bump of your chair as you hear someone walk by, the steady vibration of the aeroplane engines… everything is timed to perfection.

Where Flight falls down is that it’s an abstract experience, leaping from moments of terror, to serving mid-flight drinks, then suddenly shooting over to a cockpit conversation before the terror returns. At only 20 minutes, the action flicks back and forth too often and too randomly for any real emotion to take hold.

Kudos goes to the writers for their comedy in this one however. There’s lots of it amongst the turmoil. It’s just a shame this flight has too many layovers instead of a taking a more direct route in its storytelling.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Venue:  DARKFIELD – FLIGHT, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Park, Adelaide
Season:  Until 15 March 2020 (excluding 24 February and 2 March)
Duration:  30 minutes
Tickets:  $25

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