Fringe Review: Fortified

Fringe Review: Fortified

This is a war story. But there are no guns and ammo, just angry words and hurt pride. It’s a story about blowing up your life and starting again.

A piece of brilliant storytelling celebrating the trials and triumphs of one strong women through song and comedy

Reviewed at The Octagon at Gluttony on 23 February 2019

Presented by Pop Jam Productions

Amity Dry is no stranger to the stage. A veteran of the performing world, Amity knows how to create buzz. Her personally inspired shows come from experiences many can relate to, and when you can’t, she knows how to make things entertaining enough, that it doesn’t matter. Her show 39 Forever was a smash hit in the 2017/ 2018 Adelaide Fringe, selling out its 15 show season and receiving rave reviews. A high bar to live up to, so when we went to review her latest show, Fortified, we knew we were in for a ride.

The show title and Amity’s combat gear and knee-high boots made sense, as the show, and her personal war story, began. Topics flowed through the show, including the struggles of divorce, single parenting, body image after babies, and using Tinder as a Gen X,  just to name a few. They are honest, yet sensitively covered through beautifully written original ballads. However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Amity promises some laughs along the way, and delivers with hilarious, relatable stories. They were cleverly executed throughout the performance with her well-placed send-ups, “motherhood-isms”, and the great one-liners from her darling camp sidekick.

Fortified is not an anti-man fuelled display. It is a story of personal struggle, growth, strength and rediscovery. Amity’s powerful voice and raw talent were highlighted as she belted out her songs and connected with the audience with such genuine vulnerability. Goosebumps were felt, some shed tears, and others nodded in agreement as she spoke her truth. We all laughed at some of the situations she found herself in, and by the end, there was definitely a sense of sisterhood amongst the room. If anything, the audience left feeling inspired by a fellow, woman, mum, wife, friend, daughter and flawed human being sharing her story in such an intelligent, uplifting and honest way.

Fortified is a piece of brilliant storytelling celebrating the trials and triumphs of one strong women through song and comedy. Bring a glass of wine and your bestie…and some tissues just in case.

Reviewed by Zoe Travaglione

Venue: The Octagon at Gluttony

Duration: 60 mins

Tickets: $35 – $38


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