Fringe Review: Giantology

A giant man’s hysterical quest to make you see the world differently.


Presented by Michael Hackett
Reviewed 16 February 2018

Michael Hackett is a six-foot seven giant who flew 27 hours from Manchester, England with his knees around his ears (because he is a giant!) to bring his one-man interactive show to our city.

A shot of vodka greets the packed show in the Cellar of the GC on the Fringe opening night, some opting for more than one shot as the show progressed.

Hackett’s aim was to rip apart the status quo and take us on weird journeys to make us laugh and cry.

He certainly succeeded in that aspect.

Not much was off limits, after starting off with how much he loves our city (and don’t we know it!), things quickly turned naughty and made the show worth its 16+-age restriction.

His view on why women win at the love game makes you wonder why you hadn’t thought of that before and (as a woman) he was definitely right.

He wasn’t afraid to poke fun of himself, the world around him and the world before him.

Despite a packed room, Hackett’s show is quite interactive with the audience and his audience did not deliver on the night, while there were plenty of laughs, participation was lacking.

Whether it was the earlier time-slot of 7.30pm start, (which is a bit surprising for a show with an age restriction) or whether the connection wasn’t there, Hackett was a good comedian on perhaps not one of his best nights.

However, as the show is highly interactive, every night will deliver something fresh and new and for that reason, he is definitely worth a check in during this years Fringe season.

Reviewed by Emma Kent
Twitter: @EmmaKent4

Rating out of 5: 3 stars with a 4 star potential

Venue:  Cellar at the GC at The German Club and Studio at Bakehouse Theatre
Season:  16 Feb to 4 March (GC) & 5 March to 17 March (Bakehouse)
Duration:  55min
Tickets:  $18 to $23



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