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Fringe Review: GODZ


Presented by Head First Acrobats pty ltd
Reviewed 24 February 2022

Get ready to enter into a mythical world where you will follow the most hedonistic of the Greek pantheon – namely Hercules (the God of Strength), Cupid (the God of Love), Apollo (God of the Sun) and Dionysus (the God of Wine), in a whirlwind of prehistoric mayhem.

This is Hercules’ coming of age story, so forget about that Disney+ subscription because Herc’s adventures were not meant to be drawn together in 2D – it’s actually a live-action epic of godlike proportions featuring gravity-defying stunts and colossus displays of manhood… quite literally – you see their MANHOOD – and that’s not the only “cheeky” flex you’ll cop an eye full of!

The boys from Head First Acrobats successfully deliver a cohesive stage show, succeeding where so many have failed on the Fringe program this year. Whilst we expect an array of acrobatic tricks and stunts (some hysterical, others jaw-clenching), no moment, trick, stunt or joke, throughout the show happens for the sake of throwing in another big top trick. GODZ delivers a “quality” experience mixing storytelling, cirque, stunts, spooks and comedy – a refreshing change to the tired approach of a “quantity” of tricks for no particular reason.

From the get-go, Apollo (Thomas Gorham) leads the cast by instantly connecting to the audience first and foremost – and from that moment we join in on the journey alongside the four GODZ from Mount Olympus to the Underworld, Hades and beyond!

This show is for the grown-up’s only, and it’s the sexy fun that’ll be your incentive to get another group of friends together to see the show again, and again. The boys do offer a not-so-naughty spectacle for the children as well – so the juniors don’t miss out on the fun – check out PreHysterical.

On the flip-side, if you find GODZ a bit tame in the titillation stakes, the boys also have a late night variety show on weekends called Creme de la Creme – because as you’re destined to see there’s PLENTY of these GODZ to go around *wink, wink*

Reviewed by Filip Odzak
Twitter: @Filip_WithAnF

Venue: The Vault at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Season: Until 20 March 2022
Duration: 60 Minutes
Tickets:  $37 – $41


Rating out of 5:5 Stars

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