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Fringe Review: Gym Junkie

A bitingly funny all-singing, all-sweating look at fitspo

Reviewed at La Boheme on 28 February 2019

Want to become a fitness god or goddess without breaking a sweat or leaving your seat? Clad in her very best activewear, Lisa-Marie Ryan’s show will tell you exactly how to do that in her show Gym Junkie.

Through her “six-step” program, Lisa-Marie talks and sings you through all of the important stages of getting fit – including how to choose your activewear, how a messy top-knot can add to your gym-cred, and the struggles of a 5am wake ups, sore muscles and avoiding carbs (that struggle IS real).

The show sums up the current fitness industry to a tee, with bitingly funny one-liners and hilarious songs. No one’s safe from her observational humour, including crossfitters, yogis, recreational walkers, people who hog the cardio machines, and cauliflower rice.

It’s a small venue, upstairs at La Boheme, and the sound quality of the backing track isn’t spectacular, but Lisa-Marie doesn’t need it. Her phenomenal voice more than fills the venue, powering through hilariously reworded songs by everyone from The Mikado and Macklemore, to Olivia Newton John and Survivor.

Even during a mid-song jaunt with a skipping rope – “Don’t worry, this is the only exercise we’ll do” – her voice doesn’t skip a beat (pun very much intended).

If you don’t know the difference between a burpee and a barbell, this is probably not the show for you. If you’re an active gym-goer, you’ll get a good chuckle. If you spend more time browsing Lorna Jane than actually working out, or struggle with the choice between a donut and a dumbbell, you’ll love it.

Venue: The Cabinet Room (Upstairs), La Bohemé
Season: February 27-March 3
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: $27 – $32

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