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Fringe Review: HUGHMAN

This is Hugh Sheridan as we have not seen him before.

A fun blend of disco, tap and hip hop DJ’d by Hugh Sheridan.

Presented by Hughman Productions, Hugh Sheridan, Dylan Mahoney & Jason Lewis
Reviewed 7 March 2021

This is Hugh Sheridan as we have not seen him before. Sheridan controls the show from his spot behind the DJ desk, but don’t worry he doesn’t stay there! Featuring several very talented dancers who have skills in many areas, tap, roller skates and athletics the show is a feast  for the senses. Colourful costumes, mesmerising light shows and a mash up of hit music keep the energetic audience entertained.

Using music by George Michael, Sister Sledge, Sinatra, OJN and the Jacksons the cast give an exhilarating performance with disco dance moves blended with tap and other styles. Sheridan encourages the audience to feel the vibes and dance in front of their seats, which wasn’t damped by the sprinkling of rain that tried to fall. Slightly distracting for those not dancing who could not see the stage through the moving mass.

The cast included dancers who could sing, play instruments (sax, flute, etc), and who matched Sheridan’s exuberant energy keeping the pace high throughout. The show ended with a return to what we know of Sheridan, cabaret. A version of New York, New York with lyrics altered for Adelaide, and a final kick line to close.

If you want to reminisce about Disco or groove to the music, this show is for you.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Venue:  Moa, Gluttony, Rymill Park
Season:  5-7 13-14 Mar
Duration:  60 mins
Tickets:  $49 – $59

Rating out of 5: 4


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