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Fringe Review: It’s Only Life: A New Musical Revue Featuring John Bucchino

‘It’s Only Life’ , a musical revue presenting an understanding of the human condition is being accompanied in Adelaide by the composer himself, John Bucchino

Presented by Davine Interventionz Productions
Reviewed 20 February 2018

With every Fringe you hope to find that rare gem, something new and special that you have not seen before. For 2018 this is it. Written by John Bucchino, who has written for and been recorded by a host of stars and has a swag of awards to his name, this is remarkable. Each song could stand on its own, but together they present a progression and an understanding of the human condition.

Ably assisted by Martin Cheney as Musical Director, and Shenayde Wilkinson-Sarti beautifully controlling the moves, this production stands out from the crowd. On opening night the ‘John’ cast gave superb performances in an ensemble show that needs a strong cast. Director David Gauci’s strength in casting was obvious here: Katie Packer. Fahad Faroque, Carly Meakin, Lindsay Prodea and Joshua Angeles were all up to the challenge.

On the piano was the composer himself, John Bucchino, playing with all the sensitivity you would expect from a composer. A rare treat for an Adelaide audience, so make sure you don’t miss out.

The songs were enhanced by the staging, but the voices make them magical. Faroque singing Painting the Kitchen; Sweet Dreams by Prodea; Packer with I’ve Learned to Let Thing Go: its difficult to separate many of the songs, but Grateful, so poignantly sung by Angeles was stunning.

Gauci is presenting this with two casts, the Bucchino cast will alternate and I am assured they are just as wonderful as the John cast. So book your tickets, in fact book twice and see both casts – the songs will sound even better the second time!

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Rating out of 5: 5

Venue:  Parks Theatre One
Season:  20 – 25 Feb
Duration:  90 mins
Tickets:  $45


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