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Fringe Review: Jackson vs Jackson

The must-see, hit show ‘Jackson Vs Jackson’ is back! Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award Winner for Best Music in 2018 & in the top 20 Highest Selling Fringe Shows of 2018.

It's pure joy

Reviewed at Gluttony on 23 February 2019

Presented by Gospo Enterprises Pty Ltd

A night at Jackson vs Jackson is the perfect foil for the hectic festival season; family-friendly entertainment bursting with soulful talent and enthusiasm. It’s pure joy.

If you think that a choir is:

  1. a bland wall of static, tamed singers,
  2. not agile enough to successfully interpret popular music, or
  3. a bit of a yawn,

the Gospo Collective want to prove you wrong.

The iconic songs of Janet Jackson, The Jackson Five and Michael Jackson receive a thorough and masterful revamp into a dynamic and goose bump-inducing performance.

Creative director, arranger, conductor and vocal powerhouse with a mega-watt smile, Charmaine Jones, provides a focal point at the beginning and during several much anticipated segues dotted throughout the hour-long show.

I mean, the audience loves her.

Like, really LOVES every note she sings and eagerly responds to her cues for some light crowd participation at the appropriate moments.

So, with such a magnetic presence, it is a credit to Charmaine’s humility as a performer, ability as a teacher and general good grace that anyone in the tent cares about anyone else on the stage.

But they do.

One by one, as most of the 16 emerging and innovative frontline singers come forward for their moment in the spotlight, you discover and grow to love their individual personalities and musical style as they put their heart and soul on the line in payment for your attention.

They step up to the mic to prove themselves and step back into the fold to claps and cheers of appreciation all while being supported by the backing choir singing their lungs out with matching choreography.

And the band, oh man the band!

So damn tight, funky as hell and visibly enjoying the gig too; such a rare sight.

Stand out performances included unique arrangements of Escapade, The Best Things In Life Are Free, Man In The Mirror, Blame It On The Boogie (with the littlies joining them on stage) and Black And White.

With over 100 talented musicians on stage for this performance, it’s a truly memorable night out.

Reviewed by Camille Abbott

Venue: The Flamingo at Gluttony

Season: Until 17 March 2019

Duration: 60 mins

Tickets: Full Price $35.00 to $45.00, Concession $35.00 to $40.00, Child $25.00 to $30.00, Family $120.00 to $140.00


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