Fringe Review: Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum

Fringe Review: Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by this world-class beatboxer and singer-songwriter.


When we first sat down, we scanned the seemingly humble stage and our eyes fixated on a small table with some sort of DJ equipment, a microphone and two guitars. At this point you’re still blissfully unaware of the jaw-dropping talent you’re about to witness.

Tom Thum, a world-class beatboxer (best known for the most watched TEDx talk of all time) and singer-songwriter Jamie MacDowell just about rip the carpet from under your feet as soon as they start. The mix of beatboxing, guitar and sweet vocals work insanely well.

Once the guys show you what parts of their music use a bit of technology and which parts are purely them, it makes the show even more incredible. You spend half the time being serenaded by Jamie’s melodic strumming and bohemian vocals, the other half trying to figure out how it’s humanly possible to make the sounds that Tom’s capable of. Both complement each others talents throughout the show. They’re also really enjoyable to watch on stage as performers themselves. It feels like just two incredibly talented lads up there having a good time – you can’t help but bob your head.

There’s nothing particularly fancy about the lighting, the staging and it worked perfectly for what they were doing.

There were heartfelt moments, new songs and plenty of quick wit to keep the audience laughing. I’d highly recommend this show.

Venue: Menagerie at Royal Croquet Club

Full Price: $30.00 to $35.00
Honey Pot: $0.00
Companion Card: $0.00
BankSA Customer: $29.00
Artist Free: $0.00
Fringe Member: $27.00

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