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Fringe Review: JC Clapham – Loves Me/Loves Me Not

This is not stand-up comedy but more a humorous, but deeply telling account of who JC Clapham is at this point in time and how he got to this point

Presented by Little Ripper
Reviewed 22 Feb 2018

JC Clapham had a big hit here last Adelaide Fringe with a show called Humpty Dumpty Daddy. After seeing his latest Fringe show, Loves Me/Loves Me Not, I wish I could have seen that one as well.

Clapham’s FaceBook page describes him as a writer, storyteller, comedian and Mental Health champ. After spending an hour with the man, one easily recognises that he not only is all these things, but is successful at them all as well.

This is not stand-up comedy, as JC points out right form the start of the show. It’s more a humorous, but deeply telling account of who he is at this point in time and how he got to this point. It’s not belly laugh stuff, but very real, compassionate and funny. JC does not hide behind a facade, but shows us the real JC. He hides nothing, talking about his father’s suicide and his own two huge bouts of Depression as if we were all old friends. Don’t get the wrong idea:, this is NOT a depressing show by any means. By treating the subject with humour, Clapham brilliantly breaks down the barriers of this devastating affliction (which is more prevalent than one may think) and shows us that there is, indeed, Life after Divorce and Depression.

It sounds strange I know, but this reviewer came out of the performance wonderfully up-lifted. Clapham had given me the answer to how to cope with Life: it’s not rocket science, but I’m not telling! Go spend an hour with your ‘new friend’ JC Clapham – you’ll be glad you did!

Reviewed by Brian Godfrey
Twitter: @briangods

Rating: 4/5

Venue: The Bakehouse – Studio
Season: Until 3 March 2018
Duration: 60 mins
Tickets: $16 – $21


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