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Fringe Review: Judge Jackie: Disorder in the Court

Pokes fun at reality TV with “real justice”

Order in the Court! cause here comes the musical Judge!

Reviewed at the Parks Theatres on 21 February 2019

Presented by David Gauci & Davine Productions

I am not a fan of reality TV so the idea of poking fun at this show with ‘real justice’ appealed to me. It’s good to laugh at something silly that takes itself so seriously – and laugh we did.

David Gauci has assembled a terrific cast for this festival of silliness and they all shone. In the title role of Judge Jackie, Katie Packer strutted, adjudicated and sang her way through some very comic trials. Her trusty bailiff Henry is played superbly by Adam Goodburn (he also gets a chance to dance it up as Jorge de Amore TV star). In the irritating role of Shane the TV executive Paul Rodda gives a brash performance, doing well in this role and as Allister DiCastro, (Jackie’s ex). He also voices The Great Xantos with the aid of the sound desk.

Casmira Hamledon and Joshua Angeles played all the other roles with much enthusiasm. From a couple of couch potatoes and hillbilly doomsday couple to a pair of wannabe gangsters they bring the laughs. Hambledon is good as a young Jackie and a lady in love with a monument, but really shines as teen pop star Britley Spanks! Angeles gives the humour as Britley’s father, a young Allister and a young Jorge but his tour de force is Mama, Henry’s elderly mother complete with song.

The music is the capable hands of Martin Cheney and his band, Louis Cann on Bass and Mark Zilotto on drums. Kerry-Lynn Hauber does wonders with the choreography, even with Rodda and Angeles as back-up dancers, joined from time to time by audience members. Yes, be warned there is audience participation but all in good fun and those included got into the spirit of things.

So go to the Parks Theatre, its only a short drive from town, and enjoy a couple of hours of great entertainment.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Venue: Theatre One, Parks Theatres
Season:  20 Feb – 3 Mar
Duration:  120 min
Tickets:  $32 -$35


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