Fringe Review: Kitty Flanagan – Seriously?

Kitty Flanagan’s latest endeavour takes on everything that annoys here, from ex-boyfriends, mummy-bloggers and Internet culture, sex and shop-assistants.

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Reviewed 13 February 2015

Kitty Flanagan has done a lot of things in her stand-up career: She’s performed across the country, she’s acted, she’s sung, she’s done television appearances and hosted galas. She is also the 2015 Adelaide Fringe Ambassador.

The one constant throughout her illustrious career is that she’s remained annoyed and incredulous at the world around her. This is the focus of her new show, Seriously? Playing at the Royalty Theatre, Flanagan’s latest endeavour takes on everything from ex-boyfriends, mummy-bloggers and Internet culture, sex and (in perhaps the funniest part of the show) annoying shop-assistants.

If you’ve ever been irrationally angry at something (or someone), you’ll find something to love here. Seriously? sees Flanagan rip everyone and everything that has ever annoyed her to shreds.

While the show is funny, hysterically so in parts (Flanagan’s piss-take on jazz is inspired), it also feels incredibly safe. Flanagan’s ability to look at something and get to the core of everything that’s wrong with it is what sets her apart; her ability to look at things and say, ‘Seriously?’ is at the heart of what makes her so funny. The problem is that sometimes it feels like we’ve heard these gripes before. There are some parts of the show that feel a little worn and while Flanagan’s charisma and timing still means that the experience is an undeniably good one, the show falls just short of being great.

Flanagan is the person who, a few months ago, upset the nation by ruining Christmas; she’s at her wisecracking best when she’s fearlessly testing the limits of good taste. Flanagan has created a show all about exasperation that works on a universal level – everyone gets annoyed – but the show is strongest when she taps into our worst; when she says the things that we’re thinking at our darkest.

The reason Flanagan is so well loved and has done so much is her consistency. She rarely misses a beat throughout the whole show. One feels safe and assured that you’re in good hands when she hits the stage.

She’s good.

Seriously good.

Reviewed by Anthony Nocera
Twitter: @regrettingthis1

Venue: Royalty Theatre, 65 Angas Street, Adelaide
Season: 13 February – 15 March 2015
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: All Tickets $37.00
Bookings: Book through FringeTix online or at a FringeTix box office (booking fees apply)


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