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Fringe Review: Lauren Bok – Between a Bok and a Hard Place

Lauren Bok bring her award winning style to Adelaide to break down everything which is the modern Fringe show.

Presented by Lauren Bok
Reviewed 24 Feb 2018

Following up from a successful showing at the Perth Fringe as well as award winning performances at the Edinburgh and Melbourne Fringes, Lauren Bok has brought her carefree, off-beat humour to Adelaide. Beaming with good vibes and likeability Bok brings the audience through a creative journey into what it takes to craft a Fringe show.

Lauren breaks down the content of a Fringe show into 4 aspects. A title, an image, a blurb and talent. Throughout the show Lauren dissects the elements of all the common shows people will see at any Fringe, with a veteran’s eye. The look, the attitude, the swagger, the words and the tone. All the small details that come together to become a show that entices you to see it. Bok plays on the clichés and archetypes of comedians and festival culture, creating a show that is funny in its likeness to reality. Lauren plays games and interacts with the audience to get them involved in crafting the perfect show. The venue holds a small amount of people so the atmosphere is quaint and immersive. This lends itself to Bok’s conversational style, her interactions and chemistry with the crowd comes out as welcoming and chummy. It creates a vibe that Lauren is just a friend you’ve never met telling stories around the bar about working in comedy and shows.

Lauren Bok in Between a Bok and a Hard Place presents a show that is just about being a comedian. It’s about being Lauren Bok. It’s intimate, expressive, quirky and sarcastic. It’s just Lauren Bok.

Come and learn what it is to make a Fringe Show. It might inspire you.

Reviewed by Jonathon Tonkin

Rating out of 5: 3

Venue: The Cranny at the Producers
Season: Until 2 March 2018
Tickets: Full Price: $10.00 to $20.00 Concession: $18.00 BankSA Customer: $15.75 Group 6+: $15.00


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