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Fringe Review: LIMBO Unhinged

This is a show for everyone, and honestly, everyone should see it: your grandma, your daughter or your priest, everyone’s sure to love it.

Presented by: Strut & Fret Production House
Reviewed on: 12 March 2017

If you see one show this Fringe season, it should be this one. With a practically sold out show, you can see why it’s worth squishing into those uncomfortable benches for over an hour. Full of non-stop action and no lulls whatsoever, you won’t be disappointed.

For the insane tricks they perform – from climbing poles, spitting fire and literally flying into the audience – they are so tight and have so few mistakes, they’re basically flawless. Don’t just expect circus tricks though, as every performer has more than one talent, whether they can do tricks and sing, do tricks and play the guitar, or do tricks and tap dance, the performers in this show are wildly talented and your expectations are constantly changing. Not only do your expectations constantly change, but the stage is constantly transforming, with new props or structures being brought in after every act.

If that isn’t reason enough, let’s just say, who doesn’t love watching half nude men dance in flawless outfits? There were people covered in feathers, people wearing crowns, and a man who resembles Tarzan. While the storyline of the show could have been stronger – especially for the Tarzan-lookalike who, in the beginning, seemingly couldn’t do anything, yet by the end was performing with the rest of them with little emphasis on his ‘transformation’ – the show worked brilliantly without it.

With neverending high levels of energy, the audience couldn’t help but get into it. There are tricks you may have seen before, but they always have a new twist to the old trick. A highlight was definitely the ‘hot sexy xxx boyz’ dance, where 6 men dance in high heels better than you do when you’re at a club, even if you’re sober.

This is a show for everyone – there’s no sexually explicit content or things that weren’t family friendly – and honestly, everyone should see it: your grandma, your daughter or your priest, everyone’s sure to love it.


Where: The Vagabond at The Garden of Unearthly Delights
Duration: 65 min
Tickets available now.

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