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Fringe Review: Lori Bell – Making Babies

Comedian Lori Bell is telling all about the wild ride, madness and magic of starting a family.

This is an ode to family, to love, and to never giving up, all told with Bell’s signature foul mouth.

Presented by Lori Bell
Reviewed 16 March 2021

Motherhood hasn’t tamed Lori Bell, but it has added a heart-warming depth to her usual crass humour. And she’s all the better for it.

Bell is one of Adelaide’s top stand-up comedians. She’s won a swag of comedy awards and is often seen participating in or hosting comedy events like the Feast Festival’s annual Comedy Debate. She’s relaxed, confident, and affable on stage, with a quick wit that allows her to engage directly with her audience.

Making Babies is a very personal entry into Bell’s repertoire. It’s not an easy story as she takes us through several years of trying to have a baby with her wife. Bell’s gift is to never lose respect for the harsh truths of multiple miscarriages, IVF programs, and private donors, while blanketing it with riotously funny humour about her own trials and tribulations.

This is an ode to family, to love, and to never giving up, all told with Bell’s signature foul mouth that somehow adds to her charm. The laughs come thick and fast, with brief but poignant moments of reflection in between. The slide presentation that accompanies Bell’s routine shows family photos, graphs and dot-point lists which are difficult to see in the limited venue, but she talks us through them anyway and it’s much more fun to listen to her wily words of wisdom.

It seems to be a rare treat to have Bell perform in an early timeslot during the Adelaide Fringe but it’s another thing to be thankful for.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Venue:  Drama Llama at Rhino Room, 131 Pirie St, Adelaide
Season:  16 – 20 March 2021 at 7pm
Duration:  45 minutes
Tickets:  $20 – $25

Rating out of 5: 5



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