Fringe Review: Love & Other Acts of Theft

Love & Other Acts of Theft

Four one-act plays tackle the big questions about life, love and the horribly awkward experience of the morning after…


Love & Other Acts of TheftPresented by F I N T
Reviewed 16 February 2014

Stepping into the small, slightly-too-stuffy Fringe venue on Grenfell St, it felt something like falling through the looking glass. While minimal, the performance space gave just enough clues to get the assembled audience intrigued and speculating as to what that were in for.

Upon entry, writer and director Nate Troisi serenaded the guests with traditional and contemporary love songs, accompanied by a ukulele and a slight nervous, (yet endearing) tick. Four, one-act plays then tackled the big questions about life, love and the horribly awkward experience of the morning after, with four actors portraying characters in each individual sketch.

Opening night jitters were rather obvious with multiple missed lighting cues, actors jumping in a little too early on each other’s lines, and there was just something about a few of the scenes which seemed slightly disconnected and rushed.

This being said, the cast of four, (Emily Rose Marfleet, James Deeth, Matt Furlani and Lily Constantine), delivered superb performances overall, individually bringing something new and exciting to each of the scenes that made me cry out with laughter on more than a few occasions.

Knife fights, missing fathers, young love, wizards, adventures into the subconscious, sing-a-longs to 80s power ballads and a satirical overview of the life of performers and theatre workers made the audience consider the act of love in a way that is entirely separate from chick flicks and Disney movies.

Is there a greater act of theft than love? You be the judge.

Well worth a look this season.

Reviewed by Jenna Woods

Venue: Tandanya Firefly, 253 Grenfell St, Adelaide
Season: 15-26 February 2014
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: $15.00 – $ 19.00
Bookings: Book through FringeTix online or phone 1300 621 255


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