Fringe Review: Magie Noir Trio: A Voodoo Tale

Magie Noir TrioPresented by Ella Pink Productions and Colour Cosmetica
Reviewed Wednesday 6th March 2013

This is an exciting and engaging work drawing on age old superstitions and dark magic, necromancy of the strongest kind, transformed into a powerful and beautiful work for these very fit and agile dancers.

Ella Pink and Curly Toes (sisters, Zahra and Nadine Smith) are both after the same man (Benjamin ‘Lover’ Lovell), and a voodoo doll is used to take control and allow whoever possesses it to turn the others into zombies, unable to control their own actions. Yes, the zombie apocalypse may be closer than you think, down on the corner of Rymill Park this week.

This work is a combination of dance, aerial acrobatics, and segments of silent film with captions. linking the live sections of the piece. There are supernatural themes, as well as the very human themes of love, lust, and jealousy, and the work carries an ‘adults only’ warning.

Zahra Smith displays great skill in aerial work on the twin sashes and, later in the work, on the single rope, and both sisters perform on suspended rings in a delicate balletic aerial duet. On the ground, their dancing encompasses a wide range of styles including ballet, jazz ballet, contemporary dance and more, set to an equally diverse sound track. Their physicality is sensuous and sexually charged, the exotic themes, the makeup and costuming all adding to the strength of the narrative.

There is so much to watch in this production that you will wonder where the hour went. Head for Ensalada, and a walk on the wild side.

Reviewed by Barry Lenny, Arts Editor, Glam Adelaide.

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Venue: Ensalada, Rymill Park, Adelaide
Season: 10:30pm 8th and 9:30pm 10th March 2013
Duration: 60 mins
Tickets: $35 at the door

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