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Fringe Review: Marion Hotel Sunday Sessions

Always a fantastic line-up in a relaxed atmosphere


Presented by Adelaide Comedy 

Reviewed 20th February 2022

For the eleventh year in a row, Adelaide Comedybrings the joys of Fringe comedy acts to the south, with the Marion Hotel Sunday Sessions.

Each session is different so there is no guarantee the level of laughter will be the same, however the structure of two comedians, a break, then another two, remains. The entire event is around ninety minutes.

If you enjoy a bit of rudeness, a bit of political incorrectness, and a lot of humour then regardless of which comedian turns up on the day, you will enjoy a Sunday session. The best part of this event is that if you really enjoyed the comedian, follow it up by attending their solo show.

This year, three out of the four comedians have solo shows, as well as the host, Lindsay Webb. First up we had Vanessa Larry Mitchell from Northern NSW, followed by Rove McManus. It was a great surprise to see Rove as his last solo show was in 2017/2018 yet he is just as humorous as ever.

The stage production and audio were a challenge this year as during Rove’s act, the microphone started to play up. It continued to play up intermittently during the rest of the showcase, yet the comradery between the comedians and the staff made the entire situation amusing, so it is impossible to take a star off for the set production.

After the break, we had Josh Earl from Burnie followed by the hysterical Lehmo to finish. The relaxed and quieter atmosphere of the suburbs is always a refreshing change from the bustle of the city. It is one of my favourite events every year.

By attending one of these events, you are also helping Adelaide Comedy to support local comedians thrive and survive. This is particularly pertinent right now, as the industry was decimated by covid lockdowns, and is only now starting to get back on its feet.

Reviewed by Rebecca Wu

Venue:  Marion Hotel
Season:  20th Feb – 13th March 2022
Duration:  90 minutes
Tickets:  $30.00

Rating out of 5: 4.5

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