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Fringe Review: Matt Tarrant – Unsolved

An hour of mind-blowing magic that will leave you scratching your head

Presented by MindBlown
Reviewed 21 Feb 2018

Prepare to be fooled, as the award-winning magician Matt Tarrant will leave your mind blown by some of his tricks in his latest Fringe show, Unsolved. Returning to the Fringe for the eighth year in a row, Unsolved promises to be a very energetic and interactive show.

Beginning with a classic card trick that features a pop music twist, Matt Tarrant’s Unsolved will quickly take you by surprise. Unlike the typical Magician, Tarrant doesn’t dress in a suit and top hat. He instead is casually dressed in a pair of ripped jeans, t-shirt and cap. His chosen dress is reflective of the entire feel of the show, as it is very laid back and Tarrant is very casual and conversational throughout its entirety.

Despite this being a magic show, there are no rabbits coming out of top hats or people being sliced in half. Instead, Tarrant will leave you dazzled by some of his head scratching tricks with many ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from the audience. You immediately get the feeling that a lot of these tricks involve a lot of focus and thought as they’re not the type of tricks that will leave you guessing how he did it. Instead, you will be asking how he did it.

With its sixty minute runtime, Tarrant’s show goes by in a flash and feels as though you have only seen a few tricks by the end of it. By the end of the show, Unsolved will leave you wanting to see more.

Taking place at The Flamingo pavilion in Gluttony, Unsolved has it all from spectacular multimedia displays, light-hearted moments, audience involvement and there is even an emotional moment or two.

Reviewed By: Emily Schinella

Instagram: white.dollhouse

Rating: 5/5

Venue: The Flamingo, Gluttony
Season: February 22 – March 18
Duration: 60 Mins
Tickets: $27 – $35


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