Fringe Review: Monkey Puzzle Tree

Monkey-Puzzle-TreePresented by Monkey Puzzle Tree
Reviewed Saturday 16th March 2013

On a relaxed river cruise of the Torrens at dusk, as power walkers overtook the boat’s leisurely pace, local instrumental band Monkey Puzzle Tree concluded their season of four concerts, each held at a unique venue: Tomich Wines Cellar Door, the South Australian Maritime Museum, Ayers House and, finally, the iconic Popeye.

Featuring David O’Callaghan on guitar, Sophie Calderbank on violin, Michelle Lam on keyboards and Matthew Gorgula drums, this sensational young band featured predominantly original music spanning classical, world, experimental and contemporary sounds from their two CDs and an upcoming release.

Patrons of this sold-out event were held enthralled by the soundscapes and tempos, as were those lazing by the riverside watching the boat crawl by. Moody, rhythmic, melancholy and fun, the selection of tunes offered variety and style, with every piece a success. While the band themselves were limited in movement, the passing scenery offered an ideal distraction to compliment the melodies.

A fine end to another fine Fringe.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis, Performing Arts Critic, Glam Adelaide.

Adelaide Fringe page

Monkey Puzzle Tree website

Venue: Popeye, Elder Park, Adelaide
Season ended
Duration: 1 hour


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