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Fringe Review: Mr Spin’s BAM WOW Amazing Show

An hilarious and captivating show full of fun and laughs for kids and parents alike.

An hilarious and captivating show full of fun and laughs for kids and parents alike.

Presented by: Bamboozled Productions
Reviewed: 18 February, 2023

Mr Spin has been entertaining audiences for decades, and this year he’s doing so in the Umbrella Revolution in the Garden of Unearthly Delights. And, if I’m not mistaken, he’s brought his son The Maestro into the family business.

After a slow start, Mr Spin and The Maestro treated an almost full house of kids and parents to an energetic and fun show with plenty of laughs and some truly BAM WOW moments.

With humorous stylings to tickle almost everyone’s funny bone, the show rapidly transitions between slapstick, poo and wee jokes, and adult humour that the kids won’t get. If you don’t get a laugh from this show, check your pulse.

Mr Spin is a very experienced juggling performer who many will recognise from his years in the business. The Maestro is no slouch either, proving himself to be a multi-talented musician and an excellent addition to Mr Spin’s comedic antics.

Unphased by the unwelcome but not uncommon technical challenges that one might expect from the first performance of a season, this duo forged on in a professional manner without getting flustered. Clunky microphones and temperamental keyboard cords could easily have derailed the show for less seasoned performers, however Mr Spin and The Maestro pushed through skilfully to ensure the most important audience members (the kids) enjoyed a belly full of laughs.

The finale is quite a sight to behold. At times it was impossible not to feel genuine concern for Mr Spin’s well-being. This is either evidence of how challenging his performance is, or how good he is at what he does. Either way, the final moments of the show alone are worth the admission price.

Many kids’ shows at the Adelaide Fringe are often lacking something to keep the parents amused. Not this show though. If you’re looking for a show to take kids to that parents are also going to enjoy, get into Gluttony to witness the mayhem and humour that is Mr Spin’s BAM WOW Amazing Show.

Reviewed by Doug Phillips

Venue: Umbrella Revolution at The Garden of Unearthly Delights
Season: 19th of February – 19th of March, 2023
Duration: 50 mins
Tickets: $20 – $26

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