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Fringe Review: Mr Spin’s BAM WOW Amazing Show

Mr Spin’s show is an hilarious and extremely witty musical extravaganza, enjoyable for the whole family. 50 minutes of mega-stunt clowning fun!


Reviewed 14 March 2022

As one of Australia’s finest jugglers, the International street theatre sensation Mr. Spin brings his jaw dropping circus skills, mad capped antics and kooky comedy to the stage.

Mr Spin and Maestro are everything they promised they would be, captivating, lovable and appealing to the entire family. With their clown like antics and silly sense of humour, the young children found it relatable and the adults giggled as it reminded them of the madness endured at home.

Mr Spin recognises how to gain the kids attention, using his true comedic genius and his finest creative talents, complete with a unicycle and a wearable drum set operated by Maestro’s feet, you’ll be amazed at the constant energy for the full 50 minutes.

The witty entertainer has an infectious laugh, stylish hair and a vibrant persona, while Maestro is delightful, bubbly and a constant joker, together they pull off a beaming performance that is professional and engaging.

If you’re after some light hearted comedy and an afternoon out with the children, head down to Gluttony to a show not to be missed, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Audiences left in high spirts, commending the charming team and with only two shows left, you need to get those skates on.

Reviewed by Shaneen Burgess

Venue:  Ukiyo-at-gluttony
Season:  19-20th March 12.45pm & 1.30pm
Duration:  50 mins
Tickets:  $26.00-$52.00
Bookings:  Mr Spin’s BAM WOW Amazing Show | Adelaide Fringe

Rating out of 5: 4.5

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