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Fringe Review: Musical of Thrones: A Comedy of Ice and Fire

Daniel Cullen had a great idea when writing this show, a parody of Game of Thrones with all the essential characters

Presented by Moonboy
Reviewed 25 February 2017

You know nothing Jon Snow

Daniel Cullen had a great idea when writing this show, a parody of Game of Thrones with all the essential characters. I enjoyed the concept and enjoyed as much of the comedy as I could hear. Yes, that’s right there was a problem with the sound tech. It got better in the second half, but I am still bitter about not being able to hear Tyrion’s rap with Joffrey because they didn’t turn his mic up; what I heard was funny, but we missed most of it.

Putting aside the tech problem there were some good performances under the direction of Daniel Cullen and MD Belinda Robinson (who must be annoyed that some of her good work was lost due to the before mentioned problem). Though obviously not dancers the choreography, by Jacqueline Chang, was fitting and well executed, especially the dance with sticks.

A few of the characterisations were good and captured the comedy; writer/director Daniel Cullen did well as Jon Snow, and Liam Ferguson impressed as Joffrey and Pip (of the watch) maintaining two very different characters. Daniel Verschuer, as Ned, and Dan Milic, as Robb did well as did Emma Druet as Sansa. Robert Tarrant, playing King Robert made a return in the second act as Hodor!

Madi Halls, playing Ygritte, was a stand out and I loved Samuel Pearson’s interpretation of Tyrion and credit to Will Allington who I believe played both Allister (Captain of the Watch) and Little Finger.

This production had lots of potential which, through no fault of its own, it didn’t reach.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Rating out of 5: 3

Season ended



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