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Fringe Review: No Lights No Lycra Adelaide

Let the darkness hide your inhibitions and let the music take over for an hour of dancing in the dark!


Presented by No Lights No Lycra Adelaide
Reviewed 17 February 2020

Bruce Springsteen may have sung about Dancing in the Dark in 1984 but it took a Melbourne crew to make the idea a reality some two-and-a-half decades later. The idea has since spread to 75 locations around the world with South Australia now boasting five branches of No Lights No Lycra that run throughout the year (in Stepney, Goodwood, Henley Beach, Goolwa and Mildura).

No Lights No Lycra is a simple concept that some may find reminiscent of the Dancing Room that’s been out and about in public spaces since 2011, a year earlier than No Lights No Lycra coming to Adelaide. Both give punters an hour of solid dancing with no age restrictions, DJ chatter or interruptions.

Where No Lights No Lycra differs primarily is that the lights go off and you dance indoors and in the dark, or with only very minimal moonlight creeping in through a skylight or window. Talking is discouraged so individuals can lose themselves in the music. There’s no embarrassment and no audience. It’s just you and the beat, with the darkness stealing away your inhibitions.

The organisers line up a different soundtrack for each week, comprising old and new songs, popular hits and lesser known dance numbers. It’s a good variety, played back-to-back. If you need a break, you take it. If anyone can see your shadow, they’re not noticing you anyway.

For the Adelaide Fringe, the Stepney branch of No Lights No Lycra has offered up four of their evenings to invite new punters to join them in their home location at Kick N’ Box fitness studios. It’s just behind The Maid Hotel in Stepney, less than five minutes drive east of the city. The two hosts (Megan and Chris) are wonderfully welcoming and the venue offers both a padded floor and a harder floor which may be better suited to those with dodgy knees. Just don’t mistake the boxing bags for another person in the dark!

Money raised from these weekly dancing gigs in Stepney goes towards charitable donations. They meet each Monday evening and it’s a fun, energetic way to end the least favourite day of the week. Other branches may meet on different nights (eg Goodwood meets on Thursday evenings) so it’s well worth checking out what’s on offer at your closest branch.

Monday nights are traditionally the quietest night of the Adelaide Fringe, with many artists resting after a hectic weekend of performing and promotion their shows. No Lights No Lycra is perfectly placed therefore, to fill that Monday night void during this festival season.

Dress comfortably, bring your own bottle of water, and let the rhythm turn your Moan-day back into Monday.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Venue:  Kick N’ Box, 11 Henry Street, Stepney
Season:  Monday nights at 8.30pm
Duration:  1 hour
Tickets:  $10

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