Fringe Review: The Kransky Sisters Piece of Cake

The Kransky Sisters

In classic Kransky Sisters style they took the audience through a production of life tales & cover songs with many well-scripted jokes.

The Kransky Sisters
Presented by A-List Entertainment
Reviewed 8th March 2014

The Kransky Sisters have again travelled from their small town of Esk in Queensland to present their latest show Piece of Cake.

A huge crowd packed into the Royalty Theatre ready for the unusual talents of the Kransky Sisters: Mourne (Annie Lee), Eve (Christine Johnston) and Dawn (Carolyn Johns).

In classic Kransky Sisters style they took the audience through a production of life tales and cover songs with many well-scripted jokes piecing the show together. They gave off a crazy old aunt vibe which they used effectively in their jokes that reflect on their spinster nature.

The instruments of the sisters were fascinating and unusual. With the exclusion of the tuba, every other instrument seemed to be collected from a variety of garage sales. From saws to toilet brushes and to an aging electric keyboard, the instruments added to the odd character of the Kransky Sisters and increased the impact of their presence and music on stage.

The sisters wore their usual matching clothes of a white blouse with black dots, a straight black skirt and matching straight black hairpieces. The outfits make them instantly recognisable even if you’ve only seen them for a split second on television or on a poster. They even dragged a few audience members up on stage for the opportunity of dressing in their unique fashion.

The skill of the sisters’ facial expressions, or lack thereof in the case of Dawn, combined with their dry, neutral voices brought out the most in each punch line and wonderfully emphasised the character of the sisters. This mixed in with their playful ignorance to pop culture to create a relatable show to a lot of people in the audience.

The Kransky Sisters do draw in an older crowd but the show is a uniquely humorous night out that any adult would enjoy.

Reviewed by Alex Dunkin

Venue: Royalty Theatre, Angas Street, Adelaide
Season: 7 – 16 March 2014
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: $42.00
Bookings: Book through FringeTix online or phone 1300 621 255


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