Adelaide Fringe

Fringe Review: Railed

A testosterone-fuelled comedy circus that dares to tread where no butch blokes usually go!

Old-school camp meets Brokeback Mountain in a finely-chiselled circus

Reviewed at The Octagon, Gluttony on 22 February 2019

Presented by Head First Acrobatics Somewhere in the wild wild west, a heist has been pulled off and it’s time to celebrate. This is the premise for Head First Acrobatic’s new foray into adult comedy theatre that adds narrative to their impressive feats of athletic and acrobatic madness. Filled with old-school camp that includes, of all things, a rainbow unicorn, simulated man-on-man sex, and a game of spin the bottle, these macho blokes are as fearful of gay stereotypes as they are of Newton’s law of gravity. Very few could get away with half their humour without causing offence, but they entertain thoroughly enough that only the overtly-PC could possibly misinterpret their intent. The audience laps it up as the cowboys rail the boundaries of good taste and provide fresh spins on the Cyr wheel and other common circus feats, including tumbling, balancing and juggling. Dialogue is minimal, keeping the show and humour pounding along at breakneck speed. The celebration of the heist is not lost in the action, with the premise threading through the show until the dramatic conclusion. Keep the kids at home and spice up your night with a ballsy bevy of beefcake. Reviewed by Rod Lewis Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet Venue:  The Octagon, Gluttony, Rymill Park/Mullawirraburka, Adelaide Season:  until 17 March 2019 Duration:  1 hour Tickets:  $30-$39

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