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Fringe Review: Red Bastard: Lie with Me

The Red Bastard is back to have you question everything you know about love. Prepare to laugh and contemplate in equal measure as the Red bastard delights the crowd as well delve into your thoughts and expectations. Lets talk about loving and lying.

Presented by Lee Martin for Gag Reflex
Reviewed 06 March 2018

The Bastard has returned. After a tremendously successful show at last year’s Fringe and receiving accolades around the globe the beast in red has returned to entertain, make you laugh and most importantly make you question everything you know.

Lie with Me is a show about two things and how they’re connected: loving and lying. The Red Bastard loves your lies and wants to feed on all of them. No one is safe in this show and your lies will be revealed when in his presence but be not afraid. The character of the Red Bastard has many facets. He is graceful, fearsome, funny, and confronting. The stage presence the Bastard has is his greatest attractor. With his movements and expressions, he engages the audience and raptures them in a relaxed mood. It is at this point he begins to peel away the layers of the crowd.

Open discussion is a big part of the Red Bastard’s show. Be prepared to communicate with the bastard and the crowd as he opens a forum on who is a swan, someone bound to only one other person by the rules of love; who is a dirty pony, someone who breaks the rules of love; and who is a pervert, someone who creates their own rules. This discussion is done within a safe and open space where there is no judgement and everything is beautiful. The Bastard’s dramatic and eccentric nature keeps things light and humorous. The crowd opens up to the discussion naturally and together learns about the restrictions we place on love and the lies we will tell about it.

Do we love to lie or lie to love? Are we free to love or does love make us free? These are all questions that come up in Lie with Me. So, if you enjoy a show which is as funny as it is thought provoking come and have a chat with the Red Bastard.

Reviewed by Jonathon Tonkin
Twitter: @Tonkitonk

Rating out of 5: 5

Venue: Parasol Lounge in Gluttony
Season:  Until 18 March 201
Duration:  70 Minutes
Tickets:  $25 to $34


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