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Fringe Review: Rude Jude’s Comedy Debut

When Rude Jude opens her mouth, you know you’re not in Kansas anymore. Oh my!

When Rude Jude opens her mouth, you know you’re not in Kansas anymore. Oh my!

Presented by: Mix 102.3
Reviewed: 7 March, 2023

While the show’s name says it all, 74-year-old Jude Aiken from Charleville, Queensland sits down for her stand-up comedy routine which is funny in equal parts from the punchlines and the shock value.

Kicking off the night were radio personalities Shane Lowe, Maz Compton and Ali Clarke for this one-night-only stage debut of ‘Rude Jude’. From the local Charleville pub to the bright lights of the Adelaide Fringe, this special event was exclusive to winners of a Mix102.3FM station competition.

Jude Aiken is a celebrity in her hometown, not just for her unbridled humour, but for her eclectic main street store which sells everything from fishing tackle to adult toys.

Coming across the septuagenarian around 18 months ago, nationally syndicated radio hosts Will and Woody (Will McMahon and Woody Whitelaw) have been sharing their love of Rude Jude’s telling of titillating tales with their radio audience, culminating in her stage debut this week.

The night formally began with 10-minute sets from comedians Nikki Osborne and Nikki Britton to warm up the audience before Will and Woody introduced the main attraction. They remained on stage like talk show hosts, engaging with Jude and prompting her to tell specific jokes and outlandish true stories.

It was a half hour set of dirty jokes, filthy anecdotes, and enough bad language to make a sailor blush. Rude Jude is the uncensored grandmother only half the family would dread. She was charming and engaging while swigging her beer and doing her best to shock. She wasn’t afraid to interact with the audience, nor did she show any signs of nervousness. She owned the stage and kept the audience laughing loud.

There’s no doubt that such comedy would not be to everyone’s taste, but at 74 years of age, Jude Aiken’s star is finally shining bright.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis

Venue: The Pyramid @ Fools Paradise, Victoria Square, Adelaide
Season: ended

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