Fringe Review: Sam Garlepp - Pretty/Funny

Fringe Review: Sam Garlepp – Pretty/Funny

The ideas and thoughts just seem to pop and zing from Garlepp’s mind

Ideas just pop and zing from the mind that is Garlepp

Reviewed at the National Wine Centre on 17 February 2019

Presented by Sam Garlepp

Three Fringes ago (not counting this one), I reviewed a young, up and coming Victorian comedian on the opening night of his Adelaide Fringe debut. That young man was Sam Garlepp – he was young, nervous, promising and talked at the speed of sound! He is now a touch older, a lot less nervous, delivering quite well on his promising, and more noticeably slower in his delivery.

Garlepp has matured and is at the age of 26 where he is saying goodbye to his boyish, childish ways (more or less) and becoming a responsible adult (more or less). His humour is maturing with him and in many ways becoming darker and edgier. This is not always a good thing if you are an audience who just wants to do nothing more than laugh. But if you want humour and a slightly more in-depth look at the foibles of the human condition that is a young buck about to become a stag, then Sam’s the Man!

The ideas and thoughts just seem to pop and zing from Garlepp’s mind and if one is not attentive they will miss some insightful gems.

Some of the darker bits of the routine didn’t particularly work for this reviewer (‘white girls’ on winery tours in particular), but there are some delightful gems – all Garlepp’s songs, his introduction of who he is and equating ISIS with The Wiggles (it makes sense when you think about it), in particular.

There is a warning to this show: know when to clap in the theme song from “Friends”!

Garlepp is NOT a “Pretty Boy” – he prefers “Good Looking Man”!

Reviewed by Brian Godfrey

Twitter: @briangods

Venue: Exhibition Hall at the National Wine Centre

Season: Until 22 Feb 2019

Duration: 60 mins

Tickets: $10 – $18


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