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Fringe Review: Shake It

Shake It returns this year boasting a rotating cast of talented Australian performers

Comedy, sensuality, and circus mix in Shake It this season.

Presented by Gluttony
Reviewed 24 February 2020

Shake It returns this year boasting a rotating cast of talented Australian performers. Circus artist Rogan Josh will act as Master of Ceremonies during Shake It’s opening shows, while resident songstress Minnie Andrews is on medical leave.

Desert Rose begins the show with a seductive dance while performing a series of impressive acrobatics using a square metal frame. Jessie McKibbin from Rouge dominates the stage in black leather and lace, whipping her three male Rouge castmates into submission. (This is not a new routine and at moments feels rushed.) Tara Boom balances an increasing number of oil-paper umbrellas using only her toes. Jazida dances while balancing a sword on her head, plucking scarves from her costume to reveal scanty sequins underneath. Saskia mixes comedy with a daring striptease, and finds a surprising use for a staple gun.

Tara Boom’s finale act defies explanation. Nudity, comedy, circus, and popcorn mix in this ultimate showstopper.

Rogan Josh explains they are all a little rusty after “ten months long service leave,” mandatory thanks to Covid-19. On Wednesday night, Rogan Josh does seem stilted as MC, though seemingly relaxes into his role mid-show when he has opportunity to perform some of his repertoire. He turns a simple cloth bag of Woolworth’s groceries into a circus spectacle, and has the audience holding their breaths during his ladder balancing act.

If these veteran performers are truly brushing off the cobwebs, then it is a spring clean worth watching. Comedy, sensuality, and circus mix in this bold show. Indulge in Shake It this season.

Reviewed by Nicola Woolford

Venue:  The Peacock at Gluttony
Season:  19th February – 20th March 2021
Duration:  60 minutes
Tickets:  $18.00 – $35.00

Rating out of 5: 4



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