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Fringe Review: Smashed – The Brunch Party

Fun, fabulous, fierce, flirty, flavourful and full of mimosas


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Reviewed 26 February 2022

Fun, fabulous, fierce, flirty and full of mimosas – once again, Smashed – The Brunch Party is a must-see, day-time variety delight this Fringe season.

Before you even step inside the decadent Spiegeltent, a glittery, loud and very friendly crew, performers and staff greet you and it’s impossible not to hold the yawns at bay as your energy levels immediately surge. Once you’ve received your morning mimosa on arrival (and possibly brunch box depending on your ticket), long-standing Adelaide Fringe legend and host of the show, Victoria Falconer wakes up on stage and the glittery shenanigans begins.

The show has plenty on offer, from dancing avocados and boxes of leggy “Queerios”, plus plenty of nipple tassels, to a variety of amazing moves – whether they be dance moves, hula hoop routines, enthusiastic twerking, impressive voguing or seductive stripping of clothes. Smashed also provides Fringe-spirational outfits with plenty of taffeta, fabulous bold colours, sequins galore, sexy velour, platform thigh-high boots, white leather bodysuits, brunch-inspired headwear and plenty more.

Both permanent and rotating guest performers make up the entertaining acts, as the variety show gives you a taste of the tangy, tasty and tender talent that’s being served up this Fringe. These include Miss Betty Bombshell, the star of the big-budget Fringe show Oracle, and winner of Miss Burlesque Australia two years running, who gives the audience an ass-full of whip cracking, “cheek gripping” and blush-worthy moves that Cardi B would be proud of as she saunters around the stage in her rather naughty, fluro green cowgirl outfit.

Hula-hoop aficionado Anna Lumb’s engaging presence brightens up your morning, just like a perfectly cooked, sunny-side up fried egg on a crisp piece of bruschetta, while Tina Del Twist is (unsurprisingly) a highlight as her egotistically blasé and alcoholic self on stage. Only she could indulge gluttonously in a fish bowl of red wine and make life hard for the stage-hand in-between strikingly belting out classic songs and receive a rousing applause from the audience.

Kween Kong is fierce and not only wants to praise the audience and inspire with a fiery, expletive-filled monologue, but also owns the stage with impressive voguing, while pint-size Betty Boo-like burlesque performer Jazida combines sexiness and humour in her high-energy de-robing routine.

Malia Walsh – a permanent performer on Smashed, and the hilarious drunk of the cast – provides consistent hilarity throughout the show, floating around the audience and stage like a rather confused (or drunk) moth. She’ll remind you of that friend who is always the life of the party, especially when given a Bloody Mary (or six) and a trapeze prop in the shape of a bottle of bubbles floating above the stage.

Whether you’re hungover and feel like death, had an early night at the end of a long week, or haven’t even made it to bed yet, Smashed – The Brunch Party is your early morning pick-me-up at Adelaide Fringe in 2022.

Reviewed by Georgina Smerd

Venue:  The Spiegeltent at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Season:  27th Feb – 20th March 2022
Duration:  60 mins
Tickets:  $55 – $75

Rating out of 5: 4.5

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