Fringe Review: Struan All Over The World

An hilarious show about a Scottish, pizza eating comedian who shares his experiences of travel, gigs and all things human nature.


Presented by Struan Logan
Reviewed 7 March 2018

This smiley, ginger-bearded, late 20 something Scottish comedian, Struan Logan will take you on an adventure around the world with his stories of travel and gigs in all kinds of places. He describes his accent as a “soft Scottish accent” and for the most part is easy to understand.

In this intimate setting with the capacity for a small crowd, Logan ensures no one in the room is excluded throughout the hour-long interactive experience. He takes great delight in connecting with his audience and drawing out stories of similar life experiences that relate to his own adventures and content.

Logan has spent some time living and working in Australia in recent years, and has obviously immersed himself in getting to know the local culture, and has an intelligent, well informed grasp of national politics, tourist attractions and history.

In his show, Struan All Over The World, Logan shares his experiences of gigging and immersing himself in the culture of countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia. He describes how he has openly insulted his audiences, been confronted by another drugged up comedian, shared hostel accommodation, and spent many hours eating Dominos pizza!

With his contagious, hilarious energy, you will laugh along the way and secretly cringe at several events about his adventures that he openly shares. Logan is a likeable character who relates well to Australian humour and brings that through for his audience.

Reviewed by Ali Williams

Rating out of 5: 3.5

Venue: The Boardroom at the Griffins Hotel
Season: Until 18 March 2018
Duration: 60 mins
Tickets: $15 – $20

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