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Fringe Review: The 60 Four in Concert

A musical treat for anyone who enjoys the music of this era.


Presented by The 60 Four
Reviewed 11 March 2022

From the opening number, Cherie Baby, these four young men had the audience tapping their feet and swaying along. This lasted to the final song. They apologised that dancing was still banned until midnight but no-one really cared, everyone was enjoying the music too much.

The band started out whilst still at school singing Four Seasons covers, and soon discovered there is market for their brand of performance and they obviously love the music of the 60s. it’s not just the great harmonies and the slick choreography, these boys have a certain magic that comes from the rapport they have and the feel they give the audience.

Ben Francis is the group’s director and has the same great tenor voice that Frankie Valli had. But this is no one man show; each member shines as a performer but as usual the total is more than just a sum of its parts. Every member takes the lead on one or more of the songs and together they are something special.

Their versatility is evident as they cover Beatles, Bee Gees, the Monkees, Beach Boys, Queen, Simon and Garfunkel and more. Most of it is upbeat, with some slower numbers, like Sounds of Silence and Let It Be displaying their harmonies beautifully. All this is backed by a tremendous nine-piece band who give it an authentic sound.

Lachlan Williams, Kyle Hall and Finnegan Green along with Ben Francis are names to remember,, there is lots of talent here.There is also a lot of energy, the snappy 60s style choreography was just as sharp on the last number as the first.

If your spirits need a lift, this is the show for you. The enthusiastic audience left happy expressing how much they enjoyed the show. You should check it out, two more shows at Norwood and two scheduled for Victor Harbor!

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Venue:  The Norwood Concert Hall
Season:  11-13 Mar 2022
Duration:  120 mins
Tickets:  $34.95 – $55.95

Rating out of 5:5

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