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Fringe Review: The Bunker

Interactive comedy theatre where you have to decide on who will survive in an apocalypse, assuming you don’t have your own bunker, of course.

One of the most refreshingly different events to attend in this year’s Adelaide Fringe.

Presented by Jason Chong
Reviewed 25 February 2021

Award-winning local comedian Jason Chong stands out for his creative use of technology in shows, and his ability to explore new ways to engage audiences. His affable personality and laid-back style make him an ideal host for interactive theatre and comedy presentations.

His latest foray digs deep into our survival instinct, pitting audience members against each other to decide who will live or die should an untimely apocalypse occur. It’s all done in the friendliest, funniest way, but ticket holders do need to be prepared to play from the safety of their seat if they want to secure one of the limited spaces available in Chong’s underground bunker.

This is interactive theatre, aided by Chong’s lovely assistant/wife, Kirsty. Chong facilitates and calls the shots, but everyone chips in to guide the path of the show. It’s wacky, imaginative, fanciful and even manages to throw in a few curly plot twists to keep everyone on their toes. More so however, it is very funny. Even those who might struggle to chip in are given a fair go and wind up laughing out loud too. There’s no embarrassment or shame on anyone. Chong leads the experience in a way that has everyone competing in a jovial way. That in itself, is a skill worth noting.

In short, The Bunker is an hour of frivolity and fun, and perhaps one of the most refreshingly different events to attend in this year’s Adelaide Fringe.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
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Venue:  Various city and suburban locations depending on the date
Season:  Until 4 March 2021
Duration:  1 hour
Tickets:  $30 – $39

Rating out of 5: 4.5




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