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Fringe Review: The Gods, The Gods, The Gods

The Gods, The Gods, The Gods is a thought-provoking, sensory overloading show that made me question who, or what God is, was or ought to be. A must-see for anyone with interest in an inter-active show that features spoken word and moving music.


Presented by The Flanagan Collective & Gobbledigook Theatre with Hartstone Kitney-Productions
Reviewed 7 March 2020

Situated on the outskirts of the Botanic Gardens, Black Box Theatre was the perfect scene for a late-night production of The Gods, The Gods, The Gods by The Flanagan Collective & Gobbledigook Theatre with Harstone Kitney-Productions. Just outside of the theatre was an intimate pop-up bar, decorated with fairy lights, ideal for a sneaky pre-production bubbles or two. The show is performed in a medium sized black ‘box’, on an unconventional stage. The audience is standing in the middle of the room and is beckoned to turn to each corner by the performers. All the way from rural North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, this group leads us to question what we believe and who we believe in.

Through a variety of musical mediums, the performers tell us a story of a pair of lovers. They use the story to evoke questions about faith, God and the meaning of it all. Combining spoken word, music, song, voice-overs and lights, the performance includes 14 songs and runs for an hour. Expect to cry and laugh as you leave inspired that you are capable of anything if you have faith. Audience participation is also recommended and encouraged.

The Gods, The Gods, The Gods, evoked many emotional reactions from the audience: however, did teeter on the brink of cliché at times. The show did inspire and make me think, but after being told that, I CAN DO ANYTHING, 13 times, I kind of got it. This show also has the potential to be offensive, explaining that we should f*k the Gods, multiple times throughout the show. Going into this show with an open mind is a necessity and if you have strong beliefs, I would not necessarily recommend it.

As we left the show, myself and my friend Sarah, did have a lot to talk about. With the crowd from Womad near, we walked into the night and we definitely had faith.

Reviewed by Evangeline Polymeneas
Instagram: @evangelin.e

Rating out of 5: 4

Venue:  Black Box Theatre at Black Box Theatre – Adelaide Botanic Gardens
Season: Saturday 7th of March – Sunday 8th of March @ 10:30pm, Tuesday 10th of March @ 11am and Friday 13th of March – Saturday 14th of March @ 10:30pm
Duration:  60 minutes
Tickets: $28



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