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Fringe Review: The Mik Maks: Songs to Help Us Grow

A magical and musical masterpiece for the big and little kids in the room.

A magical and musical masterpiece for the big and little kids in the room.

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Reviewed: 11 March, 2023

“So magic” the words of our three-year-old as we left the theatre.  

Only with the promise to watch copious amounts of the Mik Maks on YouTube and to return to their next show were we able to drag him away.  

The show was a masterpiece of enlightening entertainment and was full of belly laughs for little people 2 years and up (with even some cheeky humour for the grownups). 

Forming in 2011, family band The Mik Maks consist of two brothers Joel and Al McInnes, friend “Drums the Panda” and Joel’s very talented teenage daughter, Ava.  

Coming together over a love for music and desire to write and sing songs for their children the Mik Maks were born. 

Encouraging the audience of little people to join them in the “mosh pit” at the front of the stage, the Mik Maks engaged with their fans, tackling some of the hard topics and promoting tolerance and acceptance through the power of music.  

With “Drums the Panda” on drums, Joel on guitar and Al and Ava on voice, the Mik Maks wowed us with their boppy and catchy songs and cheeky antics.  

Drums the Panda actually plays the drums like a rockstar and you will be amazed at the musical talent that this group has that manages to captivate the audience for a full 45 minutes.  

With classics from their original albums such as The Wheels On The Bus, Bellybuttons and Five Finger Family to songs from their new album such as Hide And Seek, Eye Spy Game and Different But The Same, they had their crowd of little groovers up and moving, dancing and singing along.  

Do yourself a favour if you’ve got kids, check these guys out next time they are in Adelaide. Absolutely not one to miss! 

Reviewed by Verity Rye 

Venue: Star Theatres
Season: Season Ended

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