Fringe Review: The Naked Painters

Fringe Review: The Naked Painters

A man doing art with some unlikely tools…


Presented by Tim Patch
Reviewed 15 March 2018

The Naked Painters, presented by Tim ‘Pricasso’ Patch was interesting, to say the least. It is unlike any other art show you would have seen before. With a title like The Naked Painters you may just assume that it’s a show where the performer merely paints in the nude. Instead, you are greeted by a man in a mankini with a zip, who uses his penis, testicles and his behind as his paintbrush.

Throughout the show, two thoughts are likely to cross your mind. The first being, how can he do this without his skin becoming irritated? The second thought is that despite the unique tools he is using and how bizarre the whole this is, Patch it is actually a really good portrait painter. This is a thought likely shared by the rest of the audience, evident by their collective giggles and gasps.

Whilst Patch paints, he elaborates on his beginnings and how he got to be Pricasso. This gives the performance a very casual vibe, something that can be seen as a positive by some and a negative by others as it can cause the show to lack flow. There is no real production element to the show causing it to feel as if it lacks professionalism.

The Naked Painters definitely has potential, as it is a unique one. It also fits right into the Fringe’s quota of hosting all things whacky and bizarre. The Naked Painters, however, would definitely benefit from a little more planning and production elements present in shows like the similarly themed show Puppetry of the Penis in order to give the show professionalism and somewhat of a flow.

Reviewed by Emily Schinella
Instagram: white.dollhouse

Rating: 3/5

Venue: The Bakehouse Theatre
Season: March 12 – 17
Duration: 60 Mins
Tickets: $20 – $25

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