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Fringe Review: The Real Housewives Choir

The Real Housewives Choir is back with another musical/comedy set to entertain and delight.

This musical/comedy by the Real Housewives Choir is a fun performance full of memorable hits.

Presented by The Real Housewives Choir
Reviewed 24 February 2020

The Real Housewives Choir is back, performing another musical/comedy that will make you want to sing, dance and drink wine. 

The choir has been performing together for over seven years providing entertainment and joy at various community events.

After the success of their 2020 Fringe appearance, the choir has brought together fun melodies, parodies and passionate vocals for this year’s stage. 

Throughout the performance, the Real Housewives strive for success through individuality, independence and self-love without the need of a partner.

With music curated for love, lust, sensualisation and Mediterranean delicacies (yes, you heard me correctly) through the 2000s and early 2010 era, the choir shows you that women don’t need a man to be free or successful.

The housewives harmonise to hits such as Mercy, Bang Bang, Just the Way You Are, Don’t Stop the Music and various other pop hits, and manipulate lyrics to demonstrate their passion for singing and liberation. 

The red lighting and sparkly costumes set a strong tone for the ladies. The interaction and inclusion of the audience set a communal atmosphere in which everyone is welcome to cheer, wiggle in chairs and clap to the beat of the tune. 

These charismatic ladies embody the purity and essence of self-love, and dedication through their musical journeys to show the audience that despite where you are in life, desire to inspire is a human necessity. 

As well as delivering important messages, the show is a comedy, providing giggles with references to generational gaps and cultural clashes. 

Reviewed by Tijana Birdjan
Twitter: @Tijanabirdy

Venue: The Spiegeltent at The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Domain Theatre at Marion Cultural Centre and The Ballroom at Ayres House
Season: Mar. 6, Mar. 7 and Mar. 18. 
Duration: 60 mins
Tickets: $27-$35

Rating out of 5: 4

The musical-comedy provided a fun performance for the audience with comedic banter vocalised by memorable hits.  



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