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Fringe Review: The Sensemaker

An entertaining and hilarious display of theatre and dance.

An entertaining and hilarious display of theatre and dance.

 Presented by: Woman’s Move, FISICO Festival & The Garage International.
Reviewed: 11th of March 2023. 

Have you ever waited on the phone for way too long, with repetitive muzak playing on a loop and an irritating robotic voice telling you endlessly that your request is being processed? 

We’ve all been there, and the main protagonist in The Sensemaker details this particularly tedious and annoying journey until she is gradually stretched beyond her limits. 

This hilariously entertaining display of theatre and dance takes us through a dystopian battle between women and machine as the play details the effects of new technologies and our bureaucratic systems on our lives. 

The audience shares this journey with the protagonist from the highs and lows to times when you’ll be laughing and covering your eyes with shock, this show has it all. 

This crafty mix of dance and theatre tells the audience the story of this dystopian relationship. We laugh but at the same time, we are invited to reflect on our relationship with technology. A suspended metaphor that entertains and frightens us at the same time. 

This show will have you laughing, dancing along to the music and completely entertained for the whole hour. 

This show is not kid friendly! As we approach the end of the tale, the show takes a raunchy yet hilarious turn that is strictly for adult eyes only. 

Unfortunately, the space is not particularly well-lit so it does become difficult to see the full extent of the act and the story is slow to start and a little hard to follow in the beginning. 

The Sensemaker is a clever and intricate show that touches on relevant issues in a hilariously entertaining way. 

This is certainly a show you will want to see before this year’s Fringe season ends. 

Reviewed by Maddison Howell. 

Venue: The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall. 128 King William St, Adelaide SA 5000.
Season: Until March 18.
Duration: 1-hour.
Tickets: From $30

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